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    Modern orthopedic clinic - Bio Ortopeda - specializes in the treatment of joint diseases

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    Get acquainted with the details of one of the most effective treatments that help thousands of people around the world every year

  • Angel System/ Stem cells

    Stem cells therapy is now available in Zielona Góra! We offer access to the Angel System® – the most recent system of stem cell separation.

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Biological treatment of joints

Arthrosis is a degenerative joint disease that cannot be completely cured. Although a miraculous remedy for this painful condition does not exist, it does not mean that its development cannot be slowed down.


  • After collecting blood from the patient, it is stored at 37 °C in an incubator where protective proteins are synthesized
  • The serum with the protective proteins is then separated from the blood clot
  • Serum with proteins is given to the patient in the form of an injection in the affected joint.

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The symptom of the lower heel spur is pain under the heel, which initially appears only during movement, especially in the morning, after waking up.


  • on the plantar side of the calcaneus – the so-called lower spur
  • on the back of the heel – so-called upper spur

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Causes of back pain

Unpleasant back pain affects not only seniors. More and more often young people are also struggling with similar ailments, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, deprived of physical activity.


  • sedentary lifestyle
  • overweight
  • diseases involving internal organs

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Differences between the ligament and tendon

Tendon is a fibrous formation (strand), built of dense connective tissue (fibrous), with a white-silver color. Ligaments are bands of durable connective tissue that usually connect bones with each other, reinforcing the mobile connections between the bones (joints).


  • excessive tension of ligaments, tendons or muscles
  • falls
  • sprains of the joints

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Regeneration of joints

Treatment of joints does not have to be surgical. Thanks to the advances in medicine and the development of biological therapies, regeneration of the joints is possible without a scalpel.


  • RenehaVis therapy
  • Orthokine® therapy
  • Angel System® therapy

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Bio Ortopeda orthopedic clinic


We specialize in the treatment of joints. Bio Ortopeda provides access to the most modern, extremely effective, minimally invasive biological therapies. Our therapies inhibit or completely stop joint degeneration and bring relief in acute arthrosis and chondromalacia of joint cartilage. Do you have a problem with joint or spine pain? - Register today. Give yourself a chance.

Specialists working in our Center are professionals in the field of support in cases of spine and joint pain, injuries or post-accident conditions. The target of our services are also those who suffer from: degeneration of joints and arthrosis (including rheumatoid arthrosis). We deal with all kinds of diseases that affect not only seniors but also middle-aged and younger people who have problems with their joints and spine.

The Bio Ortopeda Center offers Orthokine® advanced therapy - a modern and popular method of combating joint ailments. It consists of administering a mixture of autologous serum proteins derived from the patient's blood and containing no foreign substances. Orthokine® therapy is one of the safest and least invasive procedures - it gives very good results in patients who complete the therapy.

To schedule an appointment, simply use the contact form on the page or call the number provided in the Contacts.

The best orthopedic clinic welcomes

If you suffer from any pain in the joints, spine or heel spurs - do not hesitate and schedule an appointment today. The best orthopedic clinic in Zielona Góra and a tested orthopedic surgeon is waiting for you today, regardless of how old you are and what kind of ail you are struggling with. You can count on short waiting time for an appointment and an individual approach to you and your health problems.

Bio Ortopeda, a reputable outpatient clinic and an orthopedic hospital, provides unparalleled access to the most technologically advanced and effective methods of alleviating joint ailments, including the latest achievements in medicine in the field of orthopedics. Our offer includes innovative therapies used among others in the treatment of severe cases of joint and spine pain, including stem cell therapy or biological therapies dedicated to athletes. The best orthopedist in the city of Zielona Góra is waiting for you at ul. Kupiecka 32b.

All treatments at the Bio Ortopeda clinic are performed with the highest standards of medical ethics, and our professional facility is undoubtedly one of the brightest points on the map of Zielona Góra medical facilities.

Private Orthopedic Center Bio Ortopeda in Zielona Góra offers:

  • treatment with state-of-the-art solutions in the field of molecular biology in orthopedics;
  • access to minimally invasive biological therapies such as Orthokine®;
  • treatment with stem cells; the opportunity to consult the best specialist in biological therapies, diseases of the joints and spine;
  • the opportunity to learn about a wide range of solutions in treating joint and spine ailments, based on the latest orthopedic research;
  • kind atmosphere, individual approach to the Patient and the lack of endless lines.

What awaits Patients at Bio Ortopeda?

  • Diagnostics and consultation with the best, certified specialist,
  • Stem cell therapy (Angel System)
  • Treatment of heel spurs,
  • Regeneration of joints,
  • Orthokine® therapy,
  • High Concentrated PRP (PRP HC),
  • Treatment of pain in the joints and spine,
  • Biological therapies dedicated to athletes,
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid,
  • Articular punctures,
  • Medical support (S – specialized ambulance).

Why us?

Bio Ortopeda is one of the best orthopedic centers in Poland. We are a certified Orthokine® Therapy facility. We provide access to state-of-the-art stem cell therapy.

Modern technology

Our clinic has the state-of-the-art medical equipment. We have qualified staff. As a result, our patients feel safe and secure.

Focus on the patient

Orthopedics and traumatology are our specialties. We focus primarily on removing causes and not just the effects of ailments. Patients of the Bio Ortopeda Clinic can count on great diagnostics, nice atmosphere, respect and comprehensive treatment.