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Joints and articular cartilage regeneration

Regeneration of joints

Treatment of joints does not have to be surgical. Thanks to the advances in medicine and the development of biological therapies, regeneration of the joints is possible without a scalpel.


  • RenehaVis therapy
  • Orthokine® therapy
  • Angel System® therapy


Treatment of joints does not have to be surgical. Thanks to the advances in medicine and the development of biological therapies, regeneration of the joints is possible without a scalpel. The use of biological therapies is included in minimally invasive methods, which do not involve long-term rehabilitation or the need to spend several days in the hospital. Bio Ortopeda clinic in Zielona Góra offers joint treatment with biological methods, such as Orthokine® therapy, RenehaVis therapy and Angel System® therapy.


Treatment of joints using Orthokine® therapy is considered one of the most effective therapeutic methods. This modern biological method enables treatment of both joint degeneration and back pain. Orthokine® therapy was developed by German scientists and has been used since 1998 in nearly 500 licensed clinics around the world. This method involves taking blood from the patient, which is then incubated at 37 ° C, where the protective proteins are synthesized. Then, serum with newly formed protective proteins is separated from the blood clot and injected 1-3 times a week in the affected joint or around the inflamed nerve. Orthokine® therapy is an effective and safe method of treatment because the patient is administered a serum solution from his own blood, free of any foreign substances. The administration of protective proteins allows restoring the balance in the areas affected by inflammation by inhibiting or stopping the destruction of tissues. In addition, Orthokine® therapy eliminates the pain associated with osteoarthritis. The effects of therapy usually last about two years, and in many cases much longer.


Regeneration of articular cartilage can also take place using other therapeutic methods. Among the most effective treatments for joints, the cheapest one is RenehaVis, which involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the knee joints. Cartilage regeneration with hyaluronic acid is based on the use of a modern RenehaVis product that contains 1.4 ml of sodium hyaluronate naturally present in the synovial fluid. RenehaVis is a two-chamber syringe filled with low-molecular and high-molecular hyaluronic acid. Treatment of joints with hyaluronic acid allows supplementing the deficiencies of sodium hyaluronate while alleviating the pain associated with degenerative disease. Regeneration of articular cartilage with RenehaVis therapy allows you to maintain the effects for about 1-2 years.


At the Bio Ortopeda clinic in Zielona Góra we use the latest molecular biology achievements such as the Angel System®. Regeneration of joints with Angel System® is an exclusive method used by celebrities around the world. This therapy, however, is available to everyone, and its high effectiveness allows you to feel the effects already after the first treatment. Regeneration of joints by the Angel System® method involves separation of stem cells (hematopoietic and mesenchymal) from the bone marrow or platelets, which accelerate the regeneration process. The cartilage regeneration carried out in this way is safe, as the concentrate is fully automated. It is also the only method whose results are predictable – thanks to the full automation of the separation system, it is possible to achieve the repeatability of the degree of cell concentration. Angel System® joint regeneration is recommended for patients with advanced osteoarthritis, articular cartilage chondromalacia, muscle and tendon injuries and damaged tissue that needs to be regenerated. It is worth noting that joint regeneration with the Angel System® therapy can be used in patients suffering from acute degenerative conditions, which are accompanied by loss of articular cartilage.

The Bio Ortopeda clinic in Zielona Góra is the only clinic located in Western Poland, which allows separation of stem cells with the Angel System® therapy.


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