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ORTHOKINE® therapy

Get acquainted with the details of one of the most effective treatments that help thousands of people around the world every year!

Orthokine® therapy will allow you to effectively fight arthrosis – a degenerative joint disease. Orthokine® is a unique biological method that treats degeneration of the joints and back pain.

The therapy consists in injecting the patient with protective proteins made and multiplied from his own blood taken before the procedure. Orthokine® therapy is a fully autologous, safe and effective treatment method. It is supported by clinical research. During the qualification, the orthopedic surgeon outlines the course and principles of the entire method.


Orthokine® – is a unique biological method that treats joint degeneration and back pain. During therapy, the patient is administered (injected) with his own protective proteins made of blood that was previously taken from him. Orthokine® therapy is a fully autologous, safe, effective and supported by clinical research form of treatment.

Orthokine® is an autologous therapy that has been used since 1998. It helps in the treatment of degeneration of joints and arthritis. It also fights back pains – the effects of degenerative changes in the spine, intervertebral joints and inflammatory states of the nerve roots. The research has also shown the effectiveness of therapy in the case of muscle and tendon injuries.

Orthokine® was developed by German scientists – it is regularly mentioned in many renowned scientific periodicals. It has been used successfully for over a dozen years.

Orthokine® therapy is used in a place affected by inflammation, usually caused by degenerative joint lesions. The mixture of autologous serum proteins administered to the body does not contain any foreign substances. During therapy, the patient is given a mixture of proteins made from their own blood. This allows the patient to restore the balance in the place where the inflammatory changes occurred. The process itself and the previously progressing destruction of tissues are inhibited or even stopped. As a result of treatment, the pain caused by inflammation is largely alleviated, and in many cases completely eliminated.


At the very beginning, blood is collected from the vein of the patient’s forearm using a specialized syringe (EOT®II). The special construction of the syringe initiates the process by which specific cells are stimulated in the blood collected to produce the proper anti-inflammatory protein – the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra). It is responsible for stopping inflammatory processes at the injection site. Orthokine® therapy is characterized by obtaining protein without the involvement of foreign substances in the body. The serum obtained in this way is then injected into a sick joint.
Intereleukin-1 (IL-1) is a relay protein – a substance that alerts the body’s cells about injury, infection or inflammation. It is the inflammation that is the proper reaction of the body to damage. The inflammation that persists for several days becomes chronic. The relay proteins – inter alia the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) – are responsible for the inhibition of inflammation. In the case of an intensification of the inflammatory process (associated with the destruction of joints), homeostasis – or the balance – between the interleukin-1 and the antagonistic protein is disturbed to the disadvantage of the other. The effect – even more intensification of the inflammatory process.

The effectiveness of Orthokine® therapy and its tolerance by the body was checked clinically. In addition, it has been scientifically confirmed during the research.
Orthokine® is an achievement in the field of molecular orthopedics, based on detailed observations of patients as well as long-term research. It is supported by the results and results of preclinical tests, laboratory tests, doctors’ experience and analysis undertaken by internationally renowned experts in scientific literature. It has been used for almost 20 years in 488 licensed centers around the world.

Up to one million serum injections have been performed up to this point.


  1. Taking blood from the vein of the patient’s forearm.
  2. Synthesis of protective proteins during blood incubation.
  3. Production of serum from the patient’s blood containing newly formed proteins.
  4. Injecting the received substance into a patient’s ill joint or near the changed inflamed point (up to three times a week).

Important information:

  1. The therapy uses specialized EOT®II syringes, produced in Germany.
  2. Maintaining good effects of the therapy lasts about two years, and in many cases much longer (conditioned by the condition of the patient).
  3. In Poland, therapy is available in a few selected and licensed medical centers.
  4. Expenses related to therapy are not refunded – individual costs are borne by the client.


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