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Back pain treatment

Causes of back pain

Unpleasant back pain affects not only seniors. More and more often young people are also struggling with similar ailments, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, deprived of physical activity.


  • sedentary lifestyle
  • overweight
  • diseases involving internal organs

Pain in the spine area is one of the most common causes of medical visits. Back problems severely limit the functioning in everyday life and strongly affect the comfort of life. The causes of pain are varied, often associated with diseases of the motor organs. Pain is also common in people with physical exercise deprivation – the back then loses flexibility and can absorb fewer shocks and everyday loads, e.g. overweight.

Treatment of spine pain is one of the specialties of our facility. It is worth knowing that increasing back pains may be a symptom of progressive arthrosis, or joint degeneration. Fortunately, you can effectively fight pain related to this disease, as well as a limited range of movements.

Bio Ortopeda Clinic has an entire arsenal of effective methods and tools, the application of which brings quick and long-lasting effects in the treatment of joint and spine pain. These include innovative therapies with stem cells, biological therapies dedicated to athletes, injections with hyaluronic acid, or joint punctures. Treatments for joint pain or back pain treatment are performed only by qualified personnel using the most recent medical equipment.


There are many effective ways to treat back pain; the best, certified specialists in the field of orthopedics and traumatology employed at the Bio Ortopeda clinic will help you in choosing the right method to fight the troublesome ailment. It’s good to know that the biological therapies we offer are completely safe and can be used by patients of all ages.

A visit to one of the best orthopedic centers in Poland can be arranged not only by phone, but also by using the form available on our website. In Bio Ortopeda clinic you can count on the competence of qualified personnel, excellent diagnostics, individual approach to the patient, pleasant atmosphere, and above all – comprehensive care, aimed at removing the causes and not only the effects of the ailments.

Other causes of pain can include prolapse, protrusion or hernia of the intervertebral disc of the spine – the disc exerting pressure on the nerve triggers the inflammatory process of the nerve, which is a risk of a potential neurological disorder.


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