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Arthrosis treatment

Biological treatment of joints

Arthrosis is a degenerative joint disease that cannot be completely cured. Although a miraculous remedy for this painful condition does not exist, it does not mean that its development cannot be slowed down.


  • After collecting blood from the patient, it is stored at 37 °C in an incubator where protective proteins are synthesized
  • The serum with the protective proteins is then separated from the blood clot
  • Serum with proteins is given to the patient in the form of an injection in the affected joint.

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Arthrosis is a degenerative joint disease that cannot be completely cured. Although a miraculous remedy for this painful condition does not exist, it does not mean that its development cannot be slowed down. You can do a lot yourself, for example by providing the right dose of movement and a healthy diet, rich in protein, omega-3 acids and vitamin D. Treatment of arthrosis is possible to a certain extent if the patient takes special formulas, for example with glucosamine. However, the effectiveness of such preparations is limited; if the disease is advanced, proven biological treatment of the joints may help.

It is the result of biological mechanical processes. There are many reasons for the onset of arthrosis: genetic predisposition, overweight, overworking or high intensity of movement while practicing sports. The structural changes of the joint caused by arthrosis can seriously limit its motor functions. In addition, the articular cartilage is damaged. There is bone sclerosis in the subchondral layer, in addition, bone growths and subchondral cysts may occur. There is also a risk of synovial dysfunction. In such cases, it is necessary to treat joint degeneration.

Degeneration of joints can begin already in the second and third decades of your life. Estimates indicate that already about 50% of Polish people after the age of 30 have initial symptoms of a degenerative joint disease. In older people, the percentage of those affected is growing.

Arthrosis may be asymptomatic in the initial stage. The first signal indicating the development of the disease is tiredness of the limbs and general feeling of tiredness of the body. In addition, increased joint pain during physical exercise is a symptom. Over time, joint mobility deteriorates – contractures begin to appear, and pain occurs not only during the day (during exercise), but also at night. A characteristic feature of arthrosis is also the enlarging and distorted outline of a sick joint. The degenerative condition usually affects the knee and hip joints.


The exceptionally effective and technologically advanced treatment of degeneration of joints is available at the Bio Ortopeda clinic in Zielona Góra at ul. Kupiecka 32b. We are talking about the latest biological therapies, which not only bring excellent results, but also are minimally invasive and extremely safe. This type of specialized treatment significantly slows down or even completely stops the development of the disease. Importantly, the benefits of this therapy apply to patients of all ages, both sexes and with varying degrees of disease.

Treatment of arthrosis with the use of Orthokine® biological therapy is one of the most effective therapeutic methods currently used in the treatment of degeneration of the joints and back pains. Biological treatment of joints consists of injecting the protective proteins that are produced and multiplied from the patient’s blood. This makes it not only an effective, but above all, safe form of therapy. After collecting blood from the patient, it is stored at 37°C in an incubator where protective proteins are synthesized. The serum with the protective proteins is then separated from the blood clot and injected into the patient in the joint affected by degeneration. The procedure is performed 1-3 times a week.

Treatment of joint degeneration with Orthokine® therapy has been developed by German scientists and has been used since 1998. The high effectiveness of therapy results from the fact that the patients are given protective proteins made from their own blood that do not contain any foreign substances. This means that the negative reaction of the body to the given protein is practically impossible. As a result of the administration of the protein, the balance is restored in the area affected by inflammation, destruction of tissues is inhibited or stopped, and the pain caused by degeneration is alleviated or completely eliminated.


The use of biological therapies, including the treatment of joints with stem cells, significantly improves the comfort of a patient with arthrosis. It is worth knowing that joint degeneration can affect both the spine and many other joints, e.g. knees and hip, as well as those located within the upper limbs. We are able to provide help in all these cases, effectively fighting the deep and dull aches characteristic of this disease. However, the treatment of osteoarthritis available in the Bio Ortopeda clinic in Zielona Góra brings relief not only in acute arthrosis or chondromalacia of the articular cartilage. Ailments in the joints are, after all, a symptom of other diseases; the treatment of joints used in our clinic helps patients in many such cases. One of the most effective methods is injecting hyaluronic acid into the knee joints, which can bring relief in suffering for many months. Treatment of joints by injection of hyaluronic acid involves the use of the innovative RenehaVis product containing 1.4 ml of sodium hyaluronate. RenehaVis injection allows to supplement the naturally occurring sodium hyaluronate, thereby alleviating the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. The effects of the treatment last from one to two years.


Overweight and obesity can be mentioned among the causes of arthrosis. Increased body weight contributes to the permanent burden on the joints, especially the hip and knee joints. It is therefore worth remembering that treatment can also take form of changing the previous eating habits. To arrange a diet appropriate for a person with arthrosis, it is worth going to a dietitian who will determine individual energy needs and arrange a diet plan tailored to the needs of the person. Treatment of degeneration of the joints while maintaining a correct diet allows the body to provide valuable components that positively affect the condition of the joints. It is assumed that the diet of people suffering from arthrosis should be rich in protein, omega-3 acids and vitamin D. At the same time, it is necessary to limit the consumption of table salt, fried dishes, carbonated drinks, ready meals and fast food, as well as alcohol and nicotine.


Arthrosis and other joint diseases may be caused due to a variety of reasons. Some factors that increase the risk of this type of disease are genetic, but others can be related to lifestyle. This means, therefore, that to a certain extent a person can ensure that they would not suffer from osteoarthritis. How do you do it?

One of the principles of a healthy lifestyle is to provide the body with the daily dose of exercise. A systematically exercised knee or hip joint will last longer. As a result of physical activity, a larger amount of joint fluid is also produced, which prevents dangerous friction and nourishes joint cartilage. What’s more, by doing the exercises, you improve the quality of this fluid and its composition.

Trying not to spend your life in one position, you improve not only the way the hip or knee joint works, but also reduce the pain of muscles and joints that may have already occurred. It is therefore worth to make the effort and start physical activity as soon as possible, because it can reduce joint stiffness and, with the support of appropriate treatment, prevent further disease progression.

Another action reducing the risk of joint disease is the right diet. Even if some symptoms of arthrosis have already appeared, it is worth stopping its development by consuming less animal protein and, in turn, supplying the body with dairy products that support the construction of joint cartilage and bones. In addition, legumes and cereals are a good source of nutrients needed for joints. They support the production of synovial fluid and help to lose excess kilos that weigh on the joints.

It is also good to provide the body with antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, as well as omega-3 acids found in marine fish. Do not forget to control the level of vitamin D. Its deficiency may accelerate the degradation of joints.


Although the right dose of daily exercise helps the whole body, and therefore works also for joints and reduces muscle pain, excessive physical activity may be disastrous. Degenerative changes are a common problem of former athletes. They train very intensively to achieve good results in their field. Constant excessive strain on the body may result in a degenerative joint disease at a later age.

People with previous injuries may also be more prone to inflammation, leading to joint degradation. It is worth to know, however, that if symptoms of arthrosis are recognized as soon as possible, the progress of the condition can be effectively prevented. Modern methods of biological treatment help in both genetic and infectious diseases. It is even possible to eliminate joint pain completely.


Arthrosis of the joints may not show any symptoms at the beginning. Before there is pain in the joints which is a signal to check the state of health, arthrosis can also be felt as joint creaking at the time of movement. If it is a worrisome phenomenon, it is worth checking at the clinic the what is the condition of cartilage and bones in a given place. If arthrosis is detected quickly, the treatment can provide better results. The disease can then be stopped at an earlier stage, not allowing arthrosis to progress and cause more serious degeneration.


There are factors that favor the development of joint disease. These include poor diet, lack of exercise or too much physical effort. There are also genetic diseases that lead to degeneration. If someone abuses alcohol or psychotropic drugs, they may also feel pain in the joints in the future, which is a sign of serious lesions. It is worth mentioning that arthrosis symptoms are also more common among the elderly, although, as we have already mentioned, osteoarthritis may also affect younger people. Diabetes, hypothyroidism or previous surgical procedures may also cause painful inflammations leading to arthrosis.

You need to realize that arthrosis of the joints is not the only dangerous problem that can be treated and stopped by using biological methods. It is not the only issue that causes joint pain and is dangerous to their condition. You also need to be vigilant for various types of infectious diseases, i.e. viral and bacterial infections, which may also manifest with joint and muscle pain. Untreated arthritis can cause irreversible changes within them. Rheumatoid arthritis is also associated with progressive degradation in the affected area.


If you have been suffering from muscle and joint pain for some time, do not hesitate and contact a specialist. Also, when other symptoms of arthrosis have appeared, for example “tiredness after rest” or unusual creaking in the joints, it is worth checking your health. We encourage you to contact our facility if you want a diagnosis made by a competent doctor, who is 100% focused on you and the symptoms that trouble you.

Arthrosis, be it viral, bacterial or genetic, cannot be underestimated. Please, visit us and find out what is the reason for the joint pain that you have been feeling for some time. Thanks to this you will not only know the cause of your suffering, but also you will be able to take effective therapy to improve the quality of your life.

Can you imagine a situation where your muscle and joint pain subsides, and you can do your daily activities more easily? Do not let arthrosis or other progressive disease lead to serious degradation of a given area of your body, resulting in, among others, reduced mobility. Regardless of your age, you can enjoy life not accompanied by constant joint pain and limitations resulting from joint stiffness. The sooner you decide to go to the doctor in order to make a diagnosis and choose a treatment method, the easier and more effective you can eliminate the source of the problem.


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