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Gold is one of the oldest medicines in the history of mankind. The effect of gold is well known and has been sufficiently documented in rheumatology. Researchers agree that gold has a number of healing properties and has a significant impact on the immune system.

The purpose of the GOLDIC® therapy is to stimulate the body’s own strength in such a way that the damaged or injured tissue can be regenerated. This is done with autologous, regenerative and anti-inflammatory cytokines (proteins).

The GOLDIC® technology is based on allowing the contact of endogenous blood cells with the specially designed gold particles outside the body. The analysis of the effect of gold in various phases of the immune response indicates that gold plays a significant role during the initiation, i.e. in the capture and presentation of foreign antigens. In this way, gold is taken up by macrophages and stored in lysosomes, where gold inhibits the processing of antigens.

What does GOLDIC mean? This is an abbreviation for “Gold Induced Cytokines”

Cytokines are a vast category of proteins produced by leukocytes, which are extremely important in the transmission of signals in cells, regulation of cell growth and differentiation. They play an important role in immune reactions, regenerative and inflammatory processes.

Due to differentiation and activation of local stem cells, structural regeneration of the causes of injuries and inflammation, there is a more natural regeneration process.

The cells of the immune system, along with its cytokine network, are involved in all wound healing processes in various ways. In this way, immune system relays are able to stimulate tissue regeneration by controlling cell growth and stimulating differentiation, cellular metabolism and protein synthesis.

The purpose of treating muscle injuries using GOLDIC® medical products is regeneration of damaged tissues without scar formation and faster healing of wounds. Growth factors support the formation of new tissue.

Currently, the main area of application of GOLDIC® medical products is the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (e.g. wound healing and orthopedic injuries).


  1. It begins with the venous blood sampling. Blood collection takes place without using anticoagulant or other additives.
  2. This blood is prepared using a patented GOLDIC® KIT that contains gold particles and a special filter to prevent further migration and injection of these molecules into the processed serum.
  3. The most important stage is the processing of serum. GOLDIC® tubes filled with patient’s blood and gold particles are incubated for 24 hours and then centrifuged to separate serum from other blood cells. This serum, enriched with growth factors and relevant cytokines, is then intended for injection.
  4. The obtained serum concentrate is then injected. One treatment usually consists of four injections of processed serum with an interval of 3-5 days.


  • acute injuries of the tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • after arthroscopic reconstructions in the joints and transplantation of cartilage preparations to accelerate the regeneration process (cartilage)
  • wound healing disorder
  • pseudo-root and root neuralgia caused by disc hernias
  • articular cartilage defects caused by injuries

The safety and efficacy of GOLDIC® has been clinically verified. This is a special type of regenerative, individualized medicine.

Regenerative medicine is one of the newest fields of contemporary medicine. Its aim is to achieve permanent structural changes in tissues while moving away from standard, invasive forms of treatment for regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is a great hope for people suffering from serious or incurable diseases. Its main goal is to stimulate the regenerative process at the cellular level.

After years of research, regenerative medicine is becoming a valuable tool in the treatment of many clinical conditions, both serious injuries and chronic diseases.

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